Maroon Spoon Set

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Available in two sizes. Set of 5.

Maroon Spoons are widely used for working with adults and children who have feeding challenges such as poor lip closure, tongue thrust or oral hypersensitivity. The narrow, shallow bowl of the spoon makes it ideal for feeding therapy – it facilitates easy lip closure, makes it easier to get the food off the spoon as compared to traditional spoons and promotes tongue retraction and lip closure through lateral feeding. Lateral feeding which requires quick successive feeds with the maroon spoon, will help minimise the tongue from ‘coming out’ after each spoonful of food.

The small Maroon spoon has a 1″ ( 25mm) bowl, the large Maroon spoon has a 1.25″ (31mm) bowl. Both are about 6″ long. ( 150mm).

These spoons are lightweight , sturdy and shatter proof (not suitable however for severe bite reflex).

Maroon Spoons are made out of FDA approved plastic that contain NO latex, lead, BPA, or phthalates.


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