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An excellent supplement to traditional therapy techniques, and the best activity available to promote tongue retraction, lip rounding, controlled tongue movements and the development of standard speech production. Talk Tools Founder, Sara Rosenfeld -Johnson advocates the Straw Drinking Hierarchy (comprising of 8 straws) to promote jaw-lip-tongue dissociation through twelve stages of development. Instructions are included.

Sara’s step-by-step instructions on her Straw hierarchy techniques are available on her DVDs, one of which is “AS A PARENT: WHAT CAN I DO TO IMPROVE MY CHILD”S FEEDING ISSUES & SPEECH CLARITY?”. This is available on our SHOP ONLINE page under “DVDs”.

NOTE: Do not put in dishwasher.

The Straw Kit consists of the following:
– Talk Tools Instructions
– 2 of Straw #1
– 1 each of Straw #2 to Straw #8
– 2 lip blocks
– Straw A / B / C / D


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