Sensory Brush : Using Wilbarger Protocol

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The Wilbarger Brushing Protocol also known as DPPT is a very specific technique used for tactile defensiveness and sometimes other sensory processing challenges. It involves providing deep pressure to the skin on the arms, back, and legs through the use of a sensory brush. The pressure applied is like giving someone a deep massage. The use of the brush in a slow and methodical manner provides consistent deep-pressure input to a wide area of the skin surface on the body. The face and stomach are never brushed.

The following are suggested instructions on how to use the Sensory Brush. However, please always follow the supervision of your qualified Occupational Therapist that is applicable specifically for your child.

The complete routine should only take about three minutes. The procedure is initially repeated every ninety minutes. After a period of time, the frequency is reduced. Eventually the procedure can be stopped, but gains can be maintained. Some children immediately enjoy this input, and others resist the first few sessions. You may distract the child by singing or offering a mouth or fidget toy.

Some children really like the administration of this protocol and will seek out the brush and bring it to their parents, teachers, or caregivers. Other children tolerate it with little reaction, and occasionally a child is resistive. If the child continues to resist, and you see negative changes, you must reconsider the use of the technique and contact the supervising therapist.


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