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Success Stories

quotesOne of the best oral motor therapy programs I have ever come across. I have used it for my students with autism who have problems in feeding and have been diagnosed with verbal apraxia. I have also used the program with my students with Down syndrome and so far I have seen very encouraging results. Even parents, who at first were sceptical about the use of straws and horns, are now convinced that these and the other tools have helped their kids a lot. The tools are fun and motivating for the kids! I hope more therapists will consider this therapy program prior to starting traditional speech therapy and feeding programs. I look forward to attending more workshops by Sara Rosenfeld Johnson and her team of professionals.quotes

Josephine De Jesus
Speech Therapist, Thursday Child Centre, Manila, Philippines

quotesI have been using oral motor therapy intensively for the past one year and am seeing that my clients are increasingly benefiting from it. The greatest information that I cherish and apply in my everyday practice is the philosophy that feeding skills and speech skills lay along a continuum and that both of them influence each other. I am hoping to delve more in to this area in the coming years, so as to work with kids having speech & feeding difficulties, helping them to reach their fullest potential.quotes

Binu. R. Nair
Speech-Language Therapist, Rainbow Centre - Yishun Park, Singapore

quotesOur 6 year old daughter with Down Syndrome started blowing bubbles and sucking from the straw after 4 months of using Talk Tools Oral Motor Therapy!

Until we started using Talk Tools products, we were resigned to the fact that our child will not suck from a straw nor blow a bubble from the wand at least in the near future. We started first on the chewy tubes to address her oral muscle weakness about 6 months ago. Later we made her blow bubbles using a straw horn and then 4 months later, she took the bubble wand from me and started blowing bubbles from it herself. No more ‘f’ sounds or saliva but instead perfect lip rounding directing air through the centre of the wand! There are days when she is very happy to just sit for one whole hour, continuously blowing bubbles. There is also less grinding and visibly less tongue protusion too. We really can’t wait to see the other positive results as we continue to use the relevant tools! quotes
(Singapore, Sept 2007)

Mrs Ho
Parent of 6 year old child with Down Syndrome, diagnosed to have Apraxia and oral muscle weakness.

quotesI have been working with the Talk Tools and have noticed that all my clients are loving it, and they are getting much better. It's exciting! quotes
(Singapore, Sept 2007)

Carmenza Herrera
Speech and Language Therapist, Singapore

quotesI feel that the traditional speech therapy without the proper muscle control cannot be completely successful, but it is equally important to remember that oral motor therapy is an adjunct to traditional therapy, not a replacement.quotes

Sudhansu Kumar
Speech Therapist, Singapore

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